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All programs are conducted in
Chinese Cantonese

2021 Programs' Schedule. Take a look at all my new programs in 2019!

Only Once a Year:
NLP Practitioner Training
8 modules, 130+ hours of training leading you to fully comprehend NLP and your own thinking. Not all NLP Practitioner Trainings are the same. We are in our
21st years teaching NLP to people in Hong Kong.
Start: May 28 2021
Only Once a Year:
Certified Hypnotherapist Training
Very Comprehensive and in-depth program! You will learn everything you need to help others using hypnotherapy. A complete system, rather than just bundle of techniques.

Only Once Every 3 Years: Master Hypnotherapist
 You are going to master both the art and science of hypnotherapy. Learn to become a master.

Once Every 7 Years: Certified Body-Mind Therapist Training
Learn how to achieve health through body-mind connection! Very experimental. Need an open-mind..
Start: 2024

Expand your awareness with NLP, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Facilitation & Systemic Developmentalism! 
We do not train, we develop!
We do not help you, we help you to help more people helping themselves!

helps you to leverage your life through Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Facilitation 
and Systemic Thinking.

All programs are conducted in Chinese Cantonese.


1. NLP Practitioner Training

Keith To trains NLP Practitioners in Hong Kong since 1999 and he is a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP Trainer of the International NLP Association. He insists on conducting the 16+ Days 130-Hours NLP Practitioner Training instead of 7 days "accelerated" NLP course by other trainers in Hong Kong.

You can learn 16 days' stuff in 16 days while only 7 days' stuff in 7 days, no matter how "accelerated" you or the programs are!

Insteads of charging more for more materials, our course fee is average 33% less than all other NLP Practitioner courses. Keith always targets for the lowest course fee but highest quality NLP Training in our city.

His mission is to make NLP Practitioner Training be affordable and available to everyone.

You are going to learn NLP Micro-Modeling in this Practitioner Training. Here is the Schedule and Details of our NLP Practitioner Training Program.

Our Practitioner Program only done once a year and starts in May every year. You can always enroll our individual modules at any time of the year.

Next Intake: Jun 1 2019

My Articles on NLP.

2. NLP Master Practitioner Training

Our Master NLP Practitioner Training offers only once 3 years.

This is a very comprehensive program, in which you are going to learn much more than what others can offer, both in depth and breadth. You are going to be a master thinker and a master modeller.

Next Intake
: Apr 2022


1. Certified Hypnotherapist Training

Keith conducts the most comprehensive Certified Hypnotherapist Training in Hong Kong. This is an 120-Hours Training leading you to be certified by many international professional NLP organizations, including UK, US, Canada & Australia.

Our annual Certified Hypnotherapist Course starts from June every year. Click here for schedule and more details.

We are the oldest active training school of Hypnotherapy in Hong Kong. We started teaching hypnotherapists since 1999.

He is the Approved Instructor of Hypnotherapy in Hong Kong for the following 4 international associations of Hypnotherapy:

1. American Board of Hypnotherapy, US
2. Professional Board of Hypnotherapy, Canada 
3. The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, UK
4. Australian Hypnotherapists' Association, Australia

Dr. Keith To is appointed as Advisory Board Member of the Professional Board of Hypnotherapy in Canada and the 
General Hypnotherapy Standards Council in UK.

Next Intake: Oct 2019

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2. Master Hypnotherapist Training

If you are a Certified Hypnotherapist and want to advance your hypnosis skills and knowledge to another level, take our
Certified Master Hypnotherapist Training is one of your best choices.

You are going to learn much, much more to help others with highest confidence and proficiency.

This is the program you can learn the science and art of hypnosis & hypnotherapy. The most in-depth hypnotherapy program in Hong Kong!

BTW, it is not an easy course.

The Master Hypnotherapist Program will only be done every 3 year.

Next Intake: May 2018

3. Advanced Ericksonian Therapy Training

Learn how to apply wisdom of Dr. Milton Erickson to improve lives of yourself and others.

It is more than hypnotherapy!

You are going to learn the mechanisms of Ericksonian approach so that you can apply them in hypnotherapy, coaching,
facilitation, counseling, teaching, managing, leading, parenting, or any aspects of your life. 

This advanced program conducts only once every 3-4 years.

Next Intake: 2022


Keith is the first trainer who conducts public coach training programs in Hong Kong since 2000. He is also the co-author of the
first book on professional coaching in Hong Kong. The book, Life Coaching is still in print until now since 2001.

You can discover your own blindspots that hinder your growth and performance through coaching.

Keith specializes in using simple but powerful Leverage Coaching Skills for your Personal & Business Advancement.

You can also learn Personal Coaching with us. Many people try very hard to develop their career, but without much success. You can acquire the knowledge of both professional coaching and career development through our Registered Career Coach Program. It is done only once every 4 years. Our next intake will be in Dec 2019.

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Facilitators help organizations and individuals to conduct their processes of Ideas Generation, Decisions Making, Conflicts
Resolution, Review & Evaluation, Problems Solving, etc. faster and easier.

You can even use your Facilitation Skills learned to speed up Personal Development of yourself and others.

You can learn 120 different kinds of Facilitation Skills & Concepts by joining our Associate Facilitator Designation Program. Our next Associate Facilitator Designation Program is scheduled in Jul 2019. Email us at for further details.

Upon successful completion, you graduate with the Designation of Associate Facilitator from the world-famous FacilitatorU.

The tri-annual Certified Facilitator Designation Training will be available in Nov 2019.

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Dr. Keith To conducts a series of Personal & Business Development Programs, which induce your higher level thinking to become a better person or running a better business.

Most of his programs are co-organized with the St. James Settlement and the Hong Kong Productivity Council, the most
reputable training organizations in Hong Kong.


Keith also helps corporations through his powerful system of Leverage Coaching.

He will help you to identify your highest Leverage Point and lead you and your corporation for major break-throughs.

Keith is a Master Coach and a Coach Trainer. He has trained professional coaches more than anyone else in Hong Kong.

For more information on Certified Coach Training, please go to Coach Training Programs.



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