Seeing the Dot and...

What do you see in the picture on the left?

A dot?

How about the blank white space around the dot? It occupies more than 95% of the whole picture!

This is the philosophy of my life and my training programs - seeing also the white space!

This is not positive thinking. This is Reality Thinking. We only focus on the dot while missing the 95% of the white space. 

Reality = Dot + White Space

Seeing both the Dot and the White Space can surely help you and your business failing much less and failing much smarter!

I can't help you becoming more successful. I am not that great!

But I can help you to fail less and smart. Here are some of the ways I will serve you to a path of less

  1. You will fail less by Learning NLP since NLP is the science of Thinking. The better you can think, the more white space you can see.

  2. You can also Learn Hypnosis to upgrade yourself. You can program yourself to see both the dot and the white space through Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy. Furthermore, you will be able to use all the principles behind Hypnosis to persuade & motivate your team and your clients. Make them also see the white space!

  3. You can also discover and understand your Blindspots through our Corporate Coaching Service. Less Blindspots means more white space can be seen. That is, you are gaining more awareness in yourself and your business through coaching. More opportunities discovered as a result!

  4. Or you can even Learn Coaching yourself so that you can coach yourself and your people. Your team then can reduce their and your failures!

    Our international recognised Corporate Coach Program is one of the best Business Coaching Training you can find in the world. You can earn the RCC Designation of the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches upon completion of the program.

  5. Great people makes you failing less. Great people are those who can see the reality instead of illusions. Our Recruitment Consulting Service can help you to recruit the best talents in Hong Kong and China.

  6. Or you can directly study Failures to prevent unnecessary failures. Learn the 48 Principles of Failogy. These are the 48 principles of seeing more!

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  8. Just Email Me to discuss what we can do together to make yourself failing much less and much smarter!

    Or you can tell me what is your situation and I can coach you through emails. I will NOT charge you for this. Just Email Me.

Failures are OK, if they are Smart!
It is smart when every time you fail, you see more!